Sunday, July 31, 2011

"please lord, don't let me be misunderstood"

(true stories)

Most people don't know the episodes of insanity I have experienced and how I cope w them as a drinker though I cry alcoholism, I am not one- I drink responsibly now for the past two years, but in all honesty I have never quite been a drinker--- I'd rather stay focused than drink...--another topic


I have seen my mother try to kill herself with a brown extension cord. Oddly reminds me of what I should have done while she was pushing me out of her womb.

I have seen myself want freedom yet my mother go insane my father do nothing but hold my mother back and my sister curse me in front of them and they not reprimand her for using such language as punishable before

I know what is left

I eat a plateful of shit everyday

And I refuse to eat anymore, not even a whiff
So if I hurt others in this time it's bc you have given me shit, big, pungent rotten back loaded explosive shit

Excuse me for hurling it straight back