Monday, September 27, 2010

i once inked a pond and wrote:

the pond ripples
with the desire to
run into the sea
tired of a stagnant movement
wind only hitting it
against the reeds
to rise up to the sky
even just
to fall again;
the only excitement in its existence

Friday, September 17, 2010

"real life is a dying art" - lynde

real life is wanting the man you'll never have
real life is dreaming without it ever coming true
real life is dying, seeing the ass douche of your generation obtaining riches
real life is dying alone
real life is good people hurting, bad people succeeding
real life is paid/bribed justice
real life is blood spilled by those who give the most
real life is good people, dead, young
real life is no justice in this unjustifiable world
real life is douches:happy
real life is good people sad
real life sucks...
real life has no escape, but the only final exit sign
real life is a good person tries to live
real life is bad people happy and content
"real life is givers losing
real life is takers gaining
but real happiness has nothing to do with how much one has,
a fulfilled life can only be measured by how much love
you have at the end"- casey